Organic Fertilizer Program

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In 2016 we began early trials of using organic fertilizer as our main component of our overall lawn fertilization program. Our motivation was to improve the actual health of the soil and continue to develop a long term, sustainable fertilization program for our customers.

After a great deal of research we were very happy to be able to source and use organic fertilizer from Sustane Natural Fertilizer.  Last year we applied 4 applications of 100% organic fertilizer on lawns as well as during planting projects and had excellent results that we will further refine over time. We decided as a company that we would pay the additional money for a more effective and healthier product for our customer's landscape and the overall environment. Some of the benefits we have noticed out in the field are zero occurrences of fertilizer burns in the lawns typical of synthetic fertilizers, increased evidence of earthworm castings a sign of healthier soils, and the ability to use the same fertilizer on lawns, landscape beds, potted plants, and trees.

There are some significant characteristics that we love about Sustane Organic Fertilizer. The organic fertilizer that we source has an extremely high concentration of primary, secondary, and micro nutrients that promotes healthy soils and plant growth. The nutrients are released as the plants require them which also reduces fertilizer being wasted and then leached through the soil into water systems. The fertilizer is also high in humus making nutrients more available for plant uptake. Sustane has an amazing recycling and waste prevention process by which the fertilizer is made that you can learn more about by visiting

For 2017 we have made a firm commitment to continue to use Sustane Organic Products and Fertilizers. Over the course of several years we will be monitoring closely to track the steady progress in overall plant and soil health in the landscapes we currently manage.


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