Fall Cleanups


The weather has been very dry and hot for many months now and we are also starting to see signs of cooler evening and morning temperatures. For landscapers you feel Fall coming in your bones and start gearing up for the leaves to start falling, chipping of branches, selective tree pruning, drainage solutions,  planting projects, fresh mulch, and numerous other Fall related activities! This is something that for many years our talented staff have excelled at. We are prepared to transform any landscape, no matter how overgrown into the vision you have in mind.

We wanted to offer all of you, our wonderful customers, a 12% discount on any landscape cleanup, tree pruning, debris pile removal, chipping of limbs, and drainage issue job in the month of September. You can use this discount on any new job that we come out and provide a free estimate for.

This discount cannot be used for existing maintenance contracts or jobs that have already had estimates submitted. 

The team at Blacklotus wants to extend our genuine thanks for all of your continued support.


Blacklotus Team