Lawn Renovations

During the Spring when soil temperatures warm up it is a perfect time to consider improving your lawn quality and overall health. The Northwest is notorious for difficult conditions in which to have amazing lawns. Heavy rain fall amounts, shady light conditions, and abundant air moisture as well as acidic soils often leave lawns looking mossy, yellowed, and unhealthy.

A regular maintenance program of aeration, thatching, topdressing, and overseeding can dramatically improve lawn quality and overall health of the soil and lawn. Aeration pulls small soil plugs out of the ground reducing compaction and allowing much needed water and nutrients to move through the soil more efficiently. Thatching helps to remove moss buildup and surface compaction from summer weather. Topdressing allows a thin layer of organic matter to be spread out into the lawn enhancing the soil health and promoting better seed germination. Overseeding provides appropriately selected seeds to fill in thin areas or areas that a great deal of moss was just removed. Coupled with a regular, organic fertilization program, lawn health and quality can be greatly improved.

Spring is a great time to look into lawn improvement services to get things back into shape prior to summer. 

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